Tea and Books, are you a collector?

tea title book club teatime Jan 19, 2022

I thought we’d have a fun discussion about our tea book collections and see all the favorites.
I was looking at my collection of tea books over the weekend and am happy to say that I have a nice well rounded group of books. Do you collect books about tea? 

Let’s break our collection into categories to see what we really love! 

  • Cookbooks- tea, teatime and tea parties are main theme
  • Lifestyle- Experiencing tea and the world of tea
  • Reference-tea is the main subject, delves into history of leaf etc.
  • Novel-tea is mentioned/served like a character

 I have a collection of 30 books including cookbooks. I think that this might be the most popular category of tea books, don’t you?
What do you look for in a tea cookbook?  I need photos, lots of pretty photos, so that I can imagine what my tea party menu will look like.

The second most popular category-Lifestyle. I’m a sucker for a book full of photos and chapters on how to enjoy tea in my life! There are so many great ones, do you have a favorite? And how many lifestyle tea books are in your collection? Here are some of my favorites in this photo.


Next month we are reading a novel for our book club. Teatime and the friendships it brings are woven into the story like a character. There are so many books like this. My personal favorite are cozy murder mysteries that take place in England, Scotland and Ireland. Agatha Christie was a great one for using tea to get the little grey cells going in Poirot, or using a cup of tea to smooth the spirit in Miss Marple stories.

The last category of tea books in my collection are reference books. Many times I find myself referring to these to do a bit of research on production styles or types of tea. There is always something to learn about camellia sinensis. Some authors focus on a region for growing tea, others may write about organic & fair trade techniques- all are good topics to refer to.

There was such great feedback to our #teatitletuesday posts on Instagram this past fall that we have added a tea inspired book club to the Society. We also have a downloadable book club journal to keep track of what tea books you’re reading and may want to add to your own collection. So exciting, right!
We are launching the the new year with a fabulous book-“Infused-Adventures in tea” by Henrietta Lovell. This book was recommended by tea sommelier, Karen Donnelly.

And we have also added a new feature to the book club-a FB Group so that anyone can join in and read the selected book with us. You can download the Book Club Journal here too.

A Wednesday evening FB live has been great fun as we share our favorite quotes and take a way moments from the week’s reading. We’ve already had some lively discussions, and a tea purchase may have happened because of it too! (Unboxing video to come soon)

 In addition to the book club discussions, I have been able to schedule zoom calls with the authors. What fun this has been! Not only do we talk about the book and writing process but indeed tea comes right into the discussions. Isn’t it amazing how tea can bring people together?!

Think about all your tea books in your collection. Perhaps some were gifts, perhaps some were purchased while traveling and are meant to evoke special memories. 

Let’s pull a book out and flip through the pages while you steep and enjoy your next cup of tea, it’s pure heaven! It may even inspire your next tea book purchase.


**These zoom calls are one of the many Activi-teas that our Tea Society members enjoy.

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