Inspiration from a vintage teacup!

teacup collecting teatime Nov 22, 2021

I’m often asked about my artwork process. “How do you do it, get from this to that?”

Today I’d like to share a little bit about my new collection. It started with the monthly theme of my new Tea Society-Jane Austen. I knew I wanted to incorporate a tea quote into the artwork, but which one? And were there any other notable ones, or “Indeed” just the one I knew so well?

Next, I was looking for a color palette. Since the Society is celebrating Jane’s birthday why not use December and the Holidays for the desired look? 

Then, while out vintage hunting & tearoom reviewing I found it! This beautiful vintage teacup was exactly the feel and color palette I was looking for! The floral design even has a regency feel to me.

So now that I had the reds, pinks and buttercup shades I wanted I added my favorite greens to the palette.

Then I played with procreate to come up with a recreation of the floral on the teacup that I liked. There’s a bit to consider like the line weight for instance.

I also played with a dozen or so “frames” or “wreaths”. I finally realized after many attempts that the old adage is true, “less is more” . I think the simple frame lets the florals shine and that’s where I wanted your eye drawn to.

Here’s the floral design on either side of the frame with Jane’s silhouette. This helped me create the next piece, the tea quote that I needed for our Tea Society. I used a facsimile of Jane’s signature too. 

Next came the Christmas card that I wanted get ready. Again, I wanted the florals to be the star of the design so I went with a simple message. I do celebrate Christmas and found a traditional phrase to use. Mixing the fonts adds to the design but still lets the floral be the focal point.

 I’m very pleased with the results! All three notecards have the look and feel that I want for the occasions.

Now that these designs are finished I can take them into my software and create more fun products for you! Isn’t technology amazing? It’s never too late to learn these art processes either. If I can, you can!

Here are a few of the new items that are ready for the gift giving season, and of course for the Janeite in your life.

This wrapping paper comes in a set of three high quality/weight sheets. One sheet of each design. I have some lovely red velvet ribbon that I can’t wait to use with it!

I’ve also worked on some cute tea-shirts! I love this soft pink shirt with the Jane Austen tea quote. You can also choose a white shirt if you prefer. And yes, the Jane Austen silhouette design is available too :)

I also put together a wonderful heavy canvas tote bag with the tea quote on one side and the silhouette on the other.   I love the weight and feel of this tote, it’s perfect for trips to the market and the library, oh and outdoor yoga too!

 It’s a wonderful feeling to see your doodle turn into a bit of art and then into stationary and other products to share.

I hope you’ll let your imagination soar every once in a while too. There are fabulous classes on skillshare.com if you want to take a peek at what is involved in making your doodle suitable for use in creating products. 

You can find many of my products at my website,settoatea.com where you can order and save a bit on shipping. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Have a tea-rific  day!




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