How Teatime Can Elevate your Hobbies

hobbies mindfulness quilting tea teatime Mar 05, 2022

This is my third winter since I’ve retuned to New England and a good hobby can make all the difference to your happiness as you hibernate! 
As I was stitching and listening to the kettle hum it occurred to me that teatime and sewing go hand in hand. Perhaps I can even go so far as to say that teatime can elevate any hobby. Whether you are a reader, model train enthusiast, knitter, quilter (or fill in the blank with your own hobby), a cup of tea can help bring you to a relaxing state of mind.

There's a simple mindfulness, a mind -body connection that can occur as you steep the tea leaves. But you'll miss this if you multi task. Sipping tea, however can be enjoy while you conduct your hobby. It can add a layer of tranquility to it.

I find that increasingly so when I do hand work, like knitting or stitching. Reading can also be elevated by the simple addition of tea drinking. And maybe a nibble or two to go with your tea :)

Take a few moments to set up a tea tray for yourself as you get ready to persue your hobby. 

What blend of tea would be a nice accompaniment to this time? A full bodied black tea or a breakfast blend might be called for to keep you bright eyed in the late afternoon while you measure and cut fabric.

Is a cup of herbal tea or a tisane called for as you take pleasure in a good book before bedtime?

There really is a tea for anytime of day, preference of taste and hobby! What are you drinking today while you take time for your own hobby?


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