A flair for elegance at the Silver Fountain Inn & Tea Parlor

afternoon tea tearoom review teatime Dec 13, 2021

The elegance of the Tea Parlor at the Silver Fountain Inn brings you right back in time.The golden glow of the paneling, window coverings and plasterwork on the ceiling transport you to another era. The sparkle of the lighting and tinkling of the teacups add to the sense of peacefulness as the Hostess seats you at your cloth covered table.

The Tea Parlor presents a new themed menu each month. Our autumn harvest teatime combined those favorite pumpkin and fall flavors with traditional teatime treats. (We visited before they changed to the holiday menu)Three tiers of loveliness, each a different course.

The food was very good, but after 24 months of not going to my local tearoom, I should have requested cucumber sandwiches when we made the reservations. I didn’t realize how much I missed them.

This tea parlor uses the common practice of leaving the tea leaves in the pot when they bring it to the table. I personally do not like this practice, so I quickly pour a cup of tea to enjoy before it over steeps. 

The tea menu is well rounded but not overwhelming. We tried a new caramel coconut spiced black tea blend and a well balanced Earl Grey. We also tried a fig & berry black tea that was surprisingly nice.

What do you look for in a tearoom? How do you rate your experience?

I like to look at four main categories.

  1. Atmosphere- Does the atmosphere convey the right feelings for the experience you are expecting?
  2. Tea Menu- Are there a satisfactory number of teas on the menu to interest/satisfy the guests?  Are these teas of good quality, and served properly to the table?
  3. Food Menu- Is the menu in keeping with the atmosphere of the establishment? Is the food on offer in keeping with a proper Afternoon tea? Is the menu well rounded and priced well?
  4. Service- Is the wait staff courteous, professional and knowledgeable with both the food menu & tea menu.  Is the tea served in a timely and friendly way? Is the food served after the tea without too long a wait.

Now, the true test! Would we recommend this tearoom to others? Absolutely! And we look forward to returning as soon as we can, perhaps to enjoy a new monthly theme. 


The Silver Fountain Inn & Tea Parlor


Please feel free to comment below with any questions. And do let us know if you have visited this tearoom!







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