Hi! I'm Kathleen,

I'm a tea lover, book lover,  seamstress,  gardener, sketcher, historic house & garden fanatic and I just love to travel!

I live in New England, U.S. so that I can enjoy all four seasons. Some of those seasons aren't as long as I'd like so I try to make the most of those lovely spring & fall days! 

I'm a black tea girl through & through! I do love to explore new teas but my go to tea is an Earl Grey black tea blend. 

I adore teaching people how to enjoy the tea they have: I dislike hearing people tell me that they have a cabinet full of tea from years of collecting! I say "Drink that tea!" 

My most frequently asked question-

Why did you call your company "Set to a Tea"?

When I was young I spent many lovely weekends with my maternal grandparents. I was the oldest of three and loved staying with them, having some quiet time and just liked hanging around older folks listening to their stories; still do in fact!

On Sunday, my parents would arrive for a family dinner and to pick me up.

My Grandma would say to me, "Be a Good Girl and you can set the table on Sunday". I just loved looking into her china cabinet at all her pretty things so the idea of being able to touch them with permission was enough to get me to behave!

After I set the table with her good china, she would come out of the kitchen and inspect the place settings, adjusting a knife here, swapping a glass there, and then she would look at me, tell me I did a good job and say that it was

"Set to a Tea"!

To this day, I love to play with pretty dishes, set a lovely table and gab with friends over a cuppa.


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